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Tish Conlin adds so much value to her courses and her one on one coaching programs! She is genuinely interested in the success of her clients and provides simple actionable steps designed to get results. I first went through the Transformation Health and Success course and came away with pages of ideas and tons of inspiration to start taking action. Working with her one on one enabled me to hone in on specifics to move my business forward while keeping a healthy balance both physically and emotionally. Tish is insightful and will inspire you to take action to move closer to your goals.

Beverly S., President, Staffing Agency

I recently had the pleasure to participate in Patricia (Tish) Conlin’s 6 Session Transformational health & success for Business Professionals. Not knowing what to expect, I was looking forward to learning exactly what this course entailed. I have attended many on-line tele-conferences and while some can be interesting and/or informative many can be dull, tedious, uninspiring, just going over the same information we all hear every day rehashed and repeated monotonously. From the first session of this course my interest was piqued. From the onset Patricia Conlin grabbed my attention and held it not only throughout that first session but throughout her entire program. After the first one, I found myself eagerly anticipating the next one and each one after that. What was different? Patricia Conlin herself for one. She is refreshing and informative. She gives out informative handouts with each session so you can easily follow along and continue to do personal work throughout the week. She encourages and creates an easy atmosphere for each person to start to believe that they can make positive changes in their habits and lives. The video and audio discussions are lively, at times funny and always educational. Patricia is very inspirational and each person who I talk to who has taken this course, including myself constantly found ourselves saying how Patricia has made us think of things differently or in a more creative way. Our workplaces can be wonderful or stressful, so increasing our physical and emotional health which helps us to respond and act in a healthy emotional way, can greatly enhance not only our workday but of those we interact with at any level. Patricia guides us to develop different, innovative and interesting approaches to taking care of our physical, mental and emotional health which ultimately increases our productivity and healthy participation at our workplace. In many companies, we are interacting with people at all levels in the company which can involve us in very stressful interpersonal situations. Being healthy and learning how to manage our stress and resolve conflicts helps us deal with the inevitable stress that’s part of the job and allows us to create a healthy environment for those we work with. I was so impressed with Patricia and her course, I am recommending it to everyone who wants to increase their leadership skills, create better relationships at work and at home and lead a healthier happier life. This was an amazing course and well worth the small investment!! Thanks Tish!

Gail C., Sr. Consultant 

I recently finished taking the THS-Course for Business Professionals and loved it. Patricia (Tish) did a great job of taking the many hundreds of things we can do to be better leaders and offered great tips and ideas along with fun interactive exercises for each of the 6 dynamic and entertaining sessions. Thanks again Tish for this great course!! I learned a ton and have incorporated many of the ideas into my daily work and living already and see a huge difference.

Once you get your planning done for next year, I’d love to hear about new training and courses.

Denise B., HR Executive

Thank you very much for including me in your course Tish. I really enjoyed listening to the content and ideas! I am looking to branch out on my own with my part-time job, and these lessons will help me with planning and determining my next steps! Hope to speak with you again soon and participate in other courses!

Kelly S., Marketing Executive

I enjoyed the THS Course for Business Professionals enormously. It was a wonderful, practical, eye opening course structure you put together Patricia. You are a fantastic life coach, and I’m so happy to be on the receiving end of that knowledge! Thanks again!!

Jackie N., IT Professional

My big “aha” from this last six weeks is that I really need to make a concerted effort to focus on looking after myself so I can be in a position to make the best possible contribution to my kids, myself, my job, my friends, etc. I feel like I am splitting the signal all over the place and I need to stop repeating this pattern. I have been stretching myself so thin that I’m burning out. To get there, I have learned from this course and am inspired to put a 12 month plan in place that draws upon the content from each of the sessions. You have given me a polite and kind kick in the butt that I desperately needed. Thanks so much Patricia, I really appreciate your great knowledge and enthusiastic and impactful training!

All the best,

Jennifer I, Real Estate Executive

We recently hired Patricia Conlin as a Speaker and Trainer for an off-site management team meeting recently. She spent the afternoon training our team on how to be healthier leaders and had an interactive work-shop with hand-outs and discussion to teach how to increase energy, get more movement and motivation in our days, increase focus and boost leadership and engagement with Emotional Intelligence tools. Her dynamic and passionate personality really engaged the group. We look forward to bringing Patricia back to focus in more depth on some of the key areas of leadership training programs. I highly recommend Patricia’s Corporate training, workshops and on-line training programs.

Roy H, CIO