Thrive with Tish One-on-One Coaching (1 hour)

Thrive with Tish One-on-One Coaching (1 hour)


This power hour session covers the fundamentals of Tish’s upcoming new book called ThriveReality including the following 6 areas of focus to build inner resilience and create more success:

T-Tenacity-How to build and maintain passion and overcome fear and doubt
H-Health-How to build healthier habits and stay balanced
R-Responsibility-Becoming more accountable to ourselves and others
I-Imagination- Creative problem solving and focus for more success
V-Vision-the power of believing-Visualize and create your mission statement
E-Emotions-Learning to manage your emotions and tune into others for more joy

Coaching includes a copy of Tish`s first book ABCs of food: Boost your energy, confidence and success with the power of Nutrition and a discount on all Transformational Health & Success on-line courses

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